Marie Antionette Inspired Bridal Shower

While I have been super busy sharing the amazingness of doTERRA‘s essential oils, I snuck in a lovely bridal shower for my beautiful sister in law!

Holly is a free spirit that loves fashion, beauty, color, Paris and all things girly, so Marie Antoinette was the perfect inspiration to celebrate her! Jenna and I pinned ideas galore, which you can find here, and the result was exactly what we wanted!

Printables will be available at andshelovedflowers on Etsy soon!

The main items ~ strings of pearls, heels, jewels & the bride’s jewelery {Stella & Dot}, feathers, tissue poms, florals, banners, gold frames and of course cakes and treats galore!



We had a few areas that needed some filling in, so we utilized our heels and filled them with some {fake} flowers and feathers. Laced with strings of pearls; which we got at Michael’s in the jewelery section.



The bride certainly needed a special corner just for her!



Of course the food was the main centerpiece, so we had plenty of homemade cakes and treats. You can see our Pinterest board for our food recipes and inspiration!



For the cakes, we chose several flavors, made the batter and then baked them in different molds for variety ~ mini bundts, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, mini 3 tiered cake, 9″ round cakes, fruit tarts, meringues, macarons, See’s chocolates and topped it all off with a gorgeous tiered strawberry shortcake which was the main dessert.



Brunch was served to start, which included quiche, bacon wrapped asparagus and fruit alongside a fun mimosa bar!



For the mimosa bar, we had plenty of chilled champagne along with the following juices: Orange, Peach and Cran Raspberry. It was fun trying all the different combos, but peach was still my favorite! We also had sparkling lemonade for those non-alcoholic drinkers.



The frames advised how to fill their mimosas and the different flavors available. Yum!



As you entered we of course had a special photo of the couple alongside their framed wedding date.



And we can’t forget the favors! I decided to make some butter cookies and frost them like lovely wedding cakes as the favors and thanks for joining us. They were a big hit and I am very proud!


Essential Oil Life: Diffuser Reviews


So you have the oils in your hands, now what!?

Your number one resource for guidance is either the Modern Essentials oil usage guide or Everything Essential (online), where you can search by health concern. Enjoy learning about different health situations and benefit quickly from using the oils that you have on hand for daily situations.

Many of you have asked me where I got my diffuser and how to choose one, so I thought I would share my research and some reviews with you to help you find what is best for you and your family.

Top criteria for a good & beneficial diffuser:

  1. Heat-Free diffusion – heat can change the chemical structure of the oil being diffused and or lose benefits during use
  2. Economical – everyone loves to save their oils!
  3. Effective in larger areas – something you don’t have to sit next to to enjoy
  4. Easy to Clean – who wants to clean after every use?
  5. Long Lasting – I prefer spending extra dough so I don’t have to repurchase anytime soon

Let’s review a few of the top essential oil diffusers….


Easy Fruit Tart with Cheater’s Vanilla Bean Custard

Summer is here and we are enjoying some fresh fruit and no bake desserts!

I wanted to come up with a quick way to do a “custard” without any cooking so here is the result. We really ended up loving the flavor and freshness of this dessert.

If you have never played with vanilla bean paste, I highly recommend it! Measure the same as vanilla extract and enjoy the extra special splash of flavor, not to mention the pretty spotted look of vanilla bean!

Cheater’s Vanilla Bean Custard

1 package Instant Vanilla Pudding

Heavy Whipping Cream (in place of cold milk for Vanilla recipe on box)

1 Tsp Vanilla Bean Paste *Optional


Beat the cold heavy whipping cream with the instant pudding for approximately 10 minutes. Add in the vanilla bean paste and beat until combined.


doTERRA Lemongrass Oil Uses

Just for fun, a few uses for this lovely oil!

Remember to be consistent with your essential oil use; get comfortable using them and reap the benefits more and more!

Purchase your oils here!

Royal Icing Roses – Cupcake Toppers


There is just something extra adorable about mini cupcakes!

Add a sweet little royal icing rose as the topper and now you are just oozing with cuteness!

I am so excited to say that I have finally tried my first batch of royal icing roses and they turned out perfectly. Using Wilton meringue powder, I created some perfect firm royal icing, colored it in batches of pink, yellow and green and got to piping.
WARNING: Anyone with back, neck or arthritis issues beware, this is killer on your hands and neck!

But oh so worth it… in my opinion!



I followed the wonderful tutorial from Sweet Sugar Belle and went to town on these babies! The end result was dozens upon dozens of cuties. Not going to lie though, there were some deaths along the way — all in all more cuties though!



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